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Our Story

We are BloodRain-Gaming, an organisation, which was founded back in February 2017 by Max “Fex” Steiner and Simon “TheOttOne” Stief .
In the beginning our goal was to achieve something in the international scene of League of Legends.
Our League of Legends main team consists of 5 players, a Head-Coach and an Analyst.
Our Academy-Team, whose name is BRG-Prospects is also an important part of our organisation.
From now on we are also active in the CS:GO scene.
For CS:GO we have got 2 different teams, of which one is German and the other one international.

For our future we plan to expand in more E-Sport-Games to achieve even more in this scene.

The Management of our organisation is composed of 4 people.
Our Head-Leader:
“Fex” a.k.a Max Steiner
Our Management:
“TheOttOne” a.k.a Simon Stief
“FOXQ” a.k.a Tim Schröder
“de_TMa” a.k.a Tobias Macholl

  • Max Steiner Founder of BloodRain-Gaming Max Steiner
  • Tim Schröder Management of BloodRain-Gaming Tim Schröder
  • Simon Stief Management of BloodRain-Gaming Simon Stief
  • Tobias Macholl Management of BloodRain-Gaming Tobias Macholl
  • Sebastian Debus Developer of BloodRain-Gaming Sebastian Debus